Learn about: Dafen, China

Part 1

Read each of these the articles or blog blurbs about Dafen China (most are very short). After each one write 3-5 sentence summary of what the article says about Dafen.  Try to look for what each article offers that is different from the other articles–unique and new information.  At the end you will formulate opinions about Dafen China.
***There may be an article that won’t open under the school’s filter.  Try, but if it won’t–just skip that one 🙂

1. Article: Hand Painted Reproductions of Art

2. Blog Entry About the Art Reproduction City in China

3. BBC Article about the Economy and Dafen

4. Surface Fragments blog

5. Culture24s comments on Dafen

6. Photos of Dafen

7. Accurate Self portrait by a Dafen artist who also paints the Mona Lisa

8. http://www.dafenvillageonline.com/

9. Trip Advisor Dafen, a tourist website where people who go post about it

Part 2

1. In 2 or 3 “good sized” paragraphs, explain what happens in Dafen China?
Reference your source (even a link) next to your main points.

2. Would you like to visit Dafen? Why or Why not?

3. If you were in Dafen, would you buy art? Elaborate on your answer.

4. Would you buy art at WalMart that was made in Dafen?  Elaborate on your answer.

5. Free comments.  Make some comments that demonstrate thought and insight about Dafen.  This is wide open!

6. If you could have a conversation with an artist from Dafen, what 3 questions would you ask that person?

Part 3

Use your words Powerfully! In 10 words or less, what is your opinion of Dafen.

Media Literacy…Artist Voice in the 21st Century

1. Look up the terms below.  Then, in your own words write a definition of the term in relation to an artist.

  • exponential growth
  • voice
  • mass media
  • niche
  • permeate
  • manipulate
  • communicate
  • responsibility

2. Talk About:  In  groups of 3, discuss your definitions.  Compare them.  “Phone a Friend” from another group if your group gets stuck.

3. Think About: What new perspectives did you gain from your group?

4. Prove Your Understanding:  Discuss the relationship that an artist has with media (not art materials this time). As a part of your discussion, include an explanation/definition of the terms.  You can choose your writing format, but it can not be a list.  You can write an essay, in reflective style, narrative.  If you were really creative, you might could write a story.  It must be connected and must address the prompt.


A. Resume Prep:   I have the following Information and Media Skills…

Digital Triptych

Watch the first minute of this tutorial on creating triptychs. Then, watch minutes 7-9.


What is a triptych?  What did she do to the background to make the 3 images look better as a set?
What are leading lines?How did she arrange the pictures to make them look better together? How are the leading lines different in the bottom image than in the top image?
How do you decide what order to arrange your photos?

Apply: Create your own triptychs using Pixlr Express, collage.
Look through the photographs you have taken and choose 3 images that relate to one another visually or conceptually. Edit the background and colors to make the images visually connect.  Then manipulate the images to create lead lines from one to another.

Publish your answers and the images on your blog.






Robot Artist Debate

Article from The Local, Germany’s News in English: Robot Artist Debate

MugTug Sketchpad Assignment

Click on the link: MugTug Sketchpad

1. Create 3 different works of art using the MugTug Sketchpad.  Your finished work should be visually appealing or interesting.  It should utilize the elements and principles of design.

2. Be sure to try out the many different pattern options on MugTug Sketchpad. Notice the control options at the top.  Explore the drop down menus, shape and brush adjustment menus.

You can “paint butterflies” and “draw with” 100s of different patterns. Save the works you create and post them to your blog before you leave.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 5.31.43 PM


I can understand how Art relates to Technology, Enviromental Sustainability and the Preservation of Cultures


Create a Popplet about how art relates to Technology, Environmental Sustainability and the Preservation of Cultures. (This is one of your Essential Standards)

Here is an example of how one student completed this goal:  http://popplet.com/app/#/1003842 (This is an EXCELLENT popplet!)

Popplet is free and easy to use!

Use the internet to research each of these topics.

Start your popplet like this:

How to start your popplet

Then add more popplets as you research each topic to develop your completed topic.  Popplets can contain pictures and text!

Here is a doodle to help you develop your popplet:

popplet doodle

Your elaborating popplets should support, explain and defend your example.  They should “spell out” how each of your 9 specific examples relates to art.

Estimated time: 1 hour for Technology, 1 hour for Environmental Sustainability, 1 hour for Preservation of Cultures.

At the end of day 1, post a link to your popplet on your blog (if you do not blog, post link on Edmodo).  Each day, update your link.

Self Check Question:

Did my elaborating popplets support, explain and defend how the example I chose relates to art?

Your popplets should “spell out” how each of your 9 specific examples relates to art.


Sunday Afternoon

Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art for a closer look at Sunday Afternoon by Georges Seurat

Look closely at the work. Use the ZOOM feature on the website.  Read about the work.

Then, in your LiveBinder add (+) a subtab to writing> (+)content and choose a layout that allows a picture and writing.  Post a picture of the work and then write about.  You should use art vocabulary when discussing the work.  Hint: Use the elements and principles of design. Describe the work.  What did you learn when you read about it.

Learning Target ((O)) I can use art vocabulary when discussing Sunday Afternoon by George Seurat.

Diagram of a Sphere: Value Study

I can draw a sphere.
I can create the illusion of a 3 dimensional form.
I understand the difference in and outline and a fully shaded object.

Vocabulary: sphere, form, value, highlight, core shadow, shading, cast shadow, gradient

Performance task: Draw a sphere in your sketchbook.  Try to contour your drawing to the shape of a sphere (not side to side, rounded marks).  Try to blend your values as you shade from the core shadow to the highlight.

image source: http://pd.scisdragons.net/msart1/2011/09/22/sketchbook-assignment-5-spheres-composition/diagram of a sphere

I can…Classify Art by Movement

You will create 3 photo galleries on your blog.  Populate each gallery with 10 good examples of art from a specific art movement.  You can choose any 3 art movements that you would like, but you must choose different movements than your elbow neighbors.

Search and Write Prompt

1. Choose a global subject, something that you think would be relevant to people around the world.
2. Research examples of visual art about this subject.
3. Analyze and judge the work to find 2 examples of art about your chosen subject that you think are successful. Each of these works should address the subject in a different way. You should be able to defend your picks.

4. Use picstitch or pixlr to juxtapose the 2 images. Save the file. Post it to your blog.
5. Below your juxtaposition identify the works, defend your judgment of them as good examples and explain how each work addresses the subject differently.


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