Media Literacy…Artist Voice in the 21st Century

1. Look up the terms below.  Then, in your own words write a definition of the term in relation to an artist.

  • exponential growth
  • voice
  • mass media
  • niche
  • permeate
  • manipulate
  • communicate
  • responsibility

2. Talk About:  In  groups of 3, discuss your definitions.  Compare them.  “Phone a Friend” from another group if your group gets stuck.

3. Think About: What new perspectives did you gain from your group?

4. Prove Your Understanding:  Discuss the relationship that an artist has with media (not art materials this time). As a part of your discussion, include an explanation/definition of the terms.  You can choose your writing format, but it can not be a list.  You can write an essay, in reflective style, narrative.  If you were really creative, you might could write a story.  It must be connected and must address the prompt.


A. Resume Prep:   I have the following Information and Media Skills…

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