MugTug Sketchpad Assignment

Click on the link: MugTug Sketchpad

1. Create 3 different works of art using the MugTug Sketchpad.  Your finished work should be visually appealing or interesting.  It should utilize the elements and principles of design.

2. Be sure to try out the many different pattern options on MugTug Sketchpad. Notice the control options at the top.  Explore the drop down menus, shape and brush adjustment menus.

You can “paint butterflies” and “draw with” 100s of different patterns. Save the works you create and post them to your blog before you leave.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 5.31.43 PM


Digital Home Design! Architect School: Design a floor plan with Frank Lloyd Wright.

click on this link:

Tinker Ball. Explore spacial relationships, directional force, construction, think-plan, use logic


Clicking on the Art Games’ links will take you off of this website.

TinkerBall: Explore spacial relationships. Think. Plan. Logic.

MugTug Sketchpad: Online paint program provides patterns, menus, unique paintbrush options (such a butterflies)

Mr. Picassohead: Provides you with pieces of Picasso’s artworks to create your own.

Destination Modern Art: Definitely for kids, but has some good info on modern artists.  Explore the museum and click the artworks. 3 Photo editing sites, including a collage maker, quick effects, text overs

Matisse Pieces: Provides you with pieces of Matisse’s artworks to create your own.  Pieces can be scaled, rearranged, color changed.

Architect School: Design a floor plan with Frank Lloyd Wright.

NGA Kids: Several Art Games on one site, Brushster, Collage Maker…

Phototropism: Create art that simulates artwork that reacts to light, choose shapes and materials.  Then, watch it react to simulated light.

Chicago Art Institute Kid Corner: a few games, try the sound match ups–they were my favorite.

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