New Sculpture cause controversy…what do y’all think?





Robot Artist Debate

Article from The Local, Germany’s News in English: Robot Artist Debate

A public art debate…Can an Artist make work after death?

Watch this video clip:

When was the work “thought up”?

When was it created?

Who thought it up?

When did he die?

Who created it?

Who is the woman talking to us in the video?  What is/was her relationship to the artist who “thought up” this public work?

What ethical questions does this raise?

What are you opinions about this?

Debate: Arne Svenson

 Have you completed this assignment before? build your blog by adding another, different artist debate. This is only an option if you have debated Arne Svenson previously and posted about it on your blog.

Assignment: What do you think?

This 2013 photography exhibit was quite controversial!   It was discussed on the news and was written about in the news paper USA Today. 1. Read the article from USA Today, here is the ad-free PDF version: Arn Svenson controversy. Here are 4 of the works:


DO NOT discuss your opinions with your classmates.  I am interested to hear what each of you has to say on your own. 2. Copy and Paste to a Word doc or your Blog, then Answer the following questions: What is the subject/topic of Arne Svenson’s work? What do you think he is trying to say to people who view his work? In other words, what is his message? Did Arne Svenson invade the subject’s privacy? Why or why not? If yes, how might he have communicated his message differently? Now that people are upset, Should he be forced to remove his work? Why or why not? What about the work that has already been sold? Click here to view another controversial series by Arne Svenson: Unspeaking Likeness What is this artwork about? What role did the forensic artist play in this series? Why do you think he created this series? How is what he has done as a photographer different than what the forensic artist did? Is this his art? Should he get credit for it? Why or why not? Why do you think it is controversial? What “2 sides” might someone argue about this work?

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