I can understand how Art relates to Technology, Enviromental Sustainability and the Preservation of Cultures


Create a Popplet about how art relates to Technology, Environmental Sustainability and the Preservation of Cultures. (This is one of your Essential Standards)

Here is an example of how one student completed this goal:  http://popplet.com/app/#/1003842 (This is an EXCELLENT popplet!)

Popplet is free and easy to use!

Use the internet to research each of these topics.

Start your popplet like this:

How to start your popplet

Then add more popplets as you research each topic to develop your completed topic.  Popplets can contain pictures and text!

Here is a doodle to help you develop your popplet:

popplet doodle

Your elaborating popplets should support, explain and defend your example.  They should “spell out” how each of your 9 specific examples relates to art.

Estimated time: 1 hour for Technology, 1 hour for Environmental Sustainability, 1 hour for Preservation of Cultures.

At the end of day 1, post a link to your popplet on your blog (if you do not blog, post link on Edmodo).  Each day, update your link.

Self Check Question:

Did my elaborating popplets support, explain and defend how the example I chose relates to art?

Your popplets should “spell out” how each of your 9 specific examples relates to art.


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