A Photo Contest

N.C. Forest Service accepting entries
for 2014 Arbor Day Photo Contest

Deadline to get work to Ms. Padgett is Feb. 1st.
Other info is Copy/Pasted below:

RALEIGH — The N.C. Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program is accepting entries for its 2014 Arbor Day Photo Contest.

The contest is open to North Carolina students in fifth through 12th grades, including public, private and home schools.

The theme is “Young and Old.” “The theme reflects not just the beauty of North Carolina’s trees and forests, but also the values and benefits that many generations have enjoyed,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

The competition will be divided into fifth through eighth grades and ninth through 12th grades. A panel of judges will select a winner from each division and one grand prize winner. Honorable mentions may also be awarded.

Winners of each division will receive $50 and a tree to plant on their school grounds. The grand prize winner will receive $150, a tree to plant at school and a framed reproduction of the winning photo.

To enter, participants should download and complete an entry form, and include a caption and photographer’s statement. One photo per photographer may be entered.

Entry forms and a list of submission requirements can be found under the  Urban and Community Forestry link on the N.C. Forest Service website at ]

Entries will be judged on how well the photo and caption express the contest theme; overall aesthetics of the photo; evidence that the student researched the benefits and importance of trees in communities as related to the contest theme; how well the photographer’s statement addresses the contest theme; spelling and grammar. All decisions of the judges are final.

Winners will be selected and notified by March 14. Prizes will be awarded at the N.C. Arbor Day celebration on March 22 in Raleigh.

Photograph Assignment, Thursday and Friday Oct 3rd: Independant Inquiry! Dorthea Lange and Lewis Hine.

Work hard: no extra time will be given!

Research the photography work of Lewis Hine and the photography work Dorthea Lange.

Create 1 slideshow (using PowerPoint or about both of these two photographers. It should be a REALLY good presentation!

You should have at least 10 photographs for each photographer in your slide show AND interesting facts about each of their lives.

In your own words explain how Lewis Hine contributed to history.
In your own words explain how Dorthea Lange contributed to history.
*Be specific, your statements about how Hine contributed to history should not be the exact same as your statements about how Lange contributed to history. Include these statements in your slideshow.

Choose one photograph and write a personal aesthetic response to that photograph.
*What do you think these artists intended/hoped a viewers response would be?
*Were they successful? Why or why not?
*Use historical evidence to defend your claim.

Post to your blog

If you finish early, re-read the assignment to make sure you have all of the components.

Then, you may create freestyle art for your portfolio.

click to see the magic…


click to see the magic…

tesseneer lane color


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Apply Knowledge

I can use Photoshop to create my own scene inspired Salvador Dali’s famous persistence of memory.
I can apply the same techniques I learned in the Liquify Me assignment in a new way.

Gather images, then combine them in Photoshop.
Techniques to use:

Separate layers: The background (a landscape in this scenario) is on the bottom. Each object that you are liquifying will be on its own layer with empty space around it, so that the background shows through.

Layer effects: such as drop shadow or bevel and emboss (found at the bottom of the layers palette)

Filter: Liquify filter, including “pushing the image” (forward warp) and “bulging” (bloat)

Erasing: choosing hard edge or soft edge erasers, changing the diameter of the eraser.

Free Transform: (found under the edit menu), turning, moving…and    when finished.

Rule of Thirds Article


Photo Homework Projection



Attention New and Old Photo Students

Everyone’s a photo artist–Click this text- is a great way to edit pictures at home!

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