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Apply Knowledge

I can use Photoshop to create my own scene inspired Salvador Dali’s famous persistence of memory.
I can apply the same techniques I learned in the Liquify Me assignment in a new way.

Gather images, then combine them in Photoshop.
Techniques to use:

Separate layers: The background (a landscape in this scenario) is on the bottom. Each object that you are liquifying will be on its own layer with empty space around it, so that the background shows through.

Layer effects: such as drop shadow or bevel and emboss (found at the bottom of the layers palette)

Filter: Liquify filter, including “pushing the image” (forward warp) and “bulging” (bloat)

Erasing: choosing hard edge or soft edge erasers, changing the diameter of the eraser.

Free Transform: (found under the edit menu), turning, moving…and    when finished.

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