5 Great websites for Genealogy and Ancestral Research

I work with a history teacher who is pursuing certification in Genealogy and Ancestral Research.  Her approach to research and integration of primary documents into her history curricula is inspiring.  Today we gathered some content specific resources that can be easily navigated or integrated.  All of the resources below have great content for free.

At Find a Grave U.S., you can search by name, date, location–put in the information that you have and it will search a database.  Often resulting in a photograph of the actual grave itself.  This can save valuable legwork and gas mileage. ( http://search.ancestry.com/search/).

Showing detailed, high quality photographs of ship manifests and passenger records, Ellis Island Passenger Search (http://www.libertyellisfoundation.org/passenger). Pay attention to the “line number” that it gives you for the name.  Scroll on down a little bit to get to the images.

Family Search https://familysearch.org/ is an account based Genealogy Research site, very much like the paid genealogy websites, but is free.  Really good for making connections and organizing.

The contents on U.S. Gen Web  (http://usgenweb.org/) vary greatly from state to state.  Each state received funds to develop within this project, but there is a wealth of info here, especially for states that were really passionate about it. When you click on a state, it will open that state’s Gen Web site, where that state has gathered resources.

Cyndi’s List (http://www.cyndislist.com/) has been around for a long time.  It is a great collection of what is available on the internet and jumping off point for genealogical research and new leads.


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