Daguerreotypes, Camera Obscura and other funny photography words!

15-20 minutes
Who is Louis Jacques Mande Daquerre?
Describe his contributions to photography.
What is a daguerreotype.
Post an example of a daguerreotype.

5 minutes
What is a camera obscura? How does it work. Post an example of an image created with a camera obscura.

15 minutes
Who is William Henry Fox Talbot?
Describe his contributions to photography

When was the earliest recorded photograph that we know of? (a date)
Describe or post it.
How was it taken?

Q and A: American Photography: Episode 1 

When you have answered these questions and post them to your blog, you are ready to watch American Photography: Episode 1.  You will need headphones.

As you watch it, pause to write questions and answers that would correlate with the video.

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