Dias de Los Muertos.

A photo from a Dias de los Muertos remembrance parade:

parade image

credit for photo to whitehotphonix photography

calaveras: colorful sculptures of skulls used during Dia de los Muertos. These are sometimes made from sugar or from papier-mache.
Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead. A celebration held in Latino communities and
throughout Latin American on November 1 and 2.
ofrenda(s): an offering, often in the form of an alter, created during/for the Dias de los Muertos.


Children’s Stories from Other Cultures

Learning Targets:
I can better understand other cultures by reading their children’s literature.

Possible Projects:  Animation, Illustration
I can apply animation techniques to create a cartoon or photo animation based on a story from another culture.
I can make connections between literature and visual imagery.

You can find Children’s Stories from other cultures at the following Links:

*Published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan: Japanese Children’s Stories

*http://www.worldoftales.com/Most of the tales on the World of Tales website came from Project Gutenberg, but are a little more easily navigated on World of Tales–less clicks to start reading 🙂

Here is a sample story board to help you plan:

storyboard 1 storyboard9


Here is an example of a character design template to help plan:

character design template


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