“Exploding Squash”

I saw this exploding squash on my paint mixing board, so, I outlined him.


negative space grattage creatures.



Does anyone else try to trick themselves into not hating winter?

winter doesn't suck the light trickwinter doesn't suck the bath trick





Halloween Banners

Banner used Creative Commons, Share and Share Alike, images by: nicubunu, pippi2011, johnny automatic

phone pics of moss

I try to get my Photo students to take a series of 10 pictures each week on a specific and narrow theme.
This helps make you more mindful and aware as an artist and human.
As I am leaving my role of “Art Teacher” I am trying to follow my own advice.  So–this week is Moss!

I still need 2 more moss covered things to complete 🙂


Drink More Tea


Sitting in the tea house, looking for free, easy online spots to help you create your stop photo animations in my absence.

I have found a few–lets see if any of these are available at school 🙂


Much love to you all!


Why am I drawing my desk, when I should really be cleaning it?

Why am I drawing my Desk


Germs of the Job

Germs of the Job


Learn about: Dafen, China

Part 1

Read each of these the articles or blog blurbs about Dafen China (most are very short). After each one write 3-5 sentence summary of what the article says about Dafen.  Try to look for what each article offers that is different from the other articles–unique and new information.  At the end you will formulate opinions about Dafen China.
***There may be an article that won’t open under the school’s filter.  Try, but if it won’t–just skip that one 🙂

1. Article: Hand Painted Reproductions of Art

2. Blog Entry About the Art Reproduction City in China

3. BBC Article about the Economy and Dafen

4. Surface Fragments blog

5. Culture24s comments on Dafen

6. Photos of Dafen

7. Accurate Self portrait by a Dafen artist who also paints the Mona Lisa

8. http://www.dafenvillageonline.com/

9. Trip Advisor Dafen, a tourist website where people who go post about it

Part 2

1. In 2 or 3 “good sized” paragraphs, explain what happens in Dafen China?
Reference your source (even a link) next to your main points.

2. Would you like to visit Dafen? Why or Why not?

3. If you were in Dafen, would you buy art? Elaborate on your answer.

4. Would you buy art at WalMart that was made in Dafen?  Elaborate on your answer.

5. Free comments.  Make some comments that demonstrate thought and insight about Dafen.  This is wide open!

6. If you could have a conversation with an artist from Dafen, what 3 questions would you ask that person?

Part 3

Use your words Powerfully! In 10 words or less, what is your opinion of Dafen.

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