Tentacle Groove

Trying to get my tentacle groove on; making art for an upcoming themed show as part of the artist collective group. 

Hand Painted Sugar Skull Stone


Sugar Skull Rock Painting Day of the Dead Dia by OneCuriousHuman http://etsy.me/2dz8xYl via @Etsy

Small Sugar Skull Rock Painting


Sugar Skull Rock Painting by OneCuriousHuman http://etsy.me/2dISx7m via @Etsy


5th Feather Tonight! 


2 Trees at Night

Trees at Night  Slide17

cracks in the concrete

I found these great cracks while walking around downtown and couldn’t stop thinking about how they would look with paint superimposed onto/into them… #mspdgtt

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Hojicha Kyoto


This is the description from dobra tea:  “A delicate tea of roasted leaves and stalks, which give a taste and aroma unlike that of any other Japanese teas. The name means “lightly roasted tea.” The infusion is brownish, the aroma reminiscent of freshly baked bread, roasted grains or chestnuts. It is recommended as a particularly good drink after a substantial meal. It gives a rich, warming brew even after several infusions.” from dobrateanc.com

I really like Hojicha.  It is considered a way to make the stems (what would be trash) taste good enough to be marketable.  I think it stands on its own though.


my first Masala



one of many experiences with chai



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