Checking out a butterfly wind under a high powered microscope.



Workshop with Dr. Rich Allen

Notes: The mind is an amazing thing.  Memory pegs can help provide you with a memorable access point to the information you have stored in your mind.  Teachers just want to have fun. Music as cues in the classroom is helpful and engaging for students and teachers.  You can clip the songs in your iTunes Library.  Ideas for kinetic learning–mat or floor tape/pockets and bean bag toss.

Post Workshop docs:



Borders and Boundries Session/Workshop

I attended a Global Issues workshop by Jack Watson.  The session was engaging.  He presented several great collaborative experiences that he successfully implemented in class including murals from temporary materials.

“Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” – Brian Eno

Indigo Dye & Shibori Workshop


Shibori- the Japanese dyeing tradition of tying, binding, and wrapping fabric to create pattern.
Indigo Dye- a dark blue dye that is extracted from the indigo plant through a process of fermentation.
Arashi- The Shibori technique of wrapping fabric around a pole
Itajime-The Shibori technique of folding fabric and clamping it
Kumo-The Shibori technique of wrapping objects in sections of cloth
Nui-The Shibori technique of stitching fabric
Oxidize- to chemically combine with oxygen
Resist-to withstand the effect of something (to block the dye from penetrating the fabric
Running Stitch- A basic stitch that is created by mobbing the needle over and under the fabric
Fermentation- the breakdown of an organic substance into simpler substances
Insoluble- cannot be dissolved

Historical Context NCAEA Session Presentation files



Cool Tools Session with Linda Larson



Doing more with Evernote–definitely added more “Junk in my Evernote Trunk” including Evernote’s Web Clipper (screen capture that auto detects for content, saves it in your Evernote, keeps links and is editable).

Mouse Mischief–multiple students have a mouse and can control the screen at the same time, when enabled.– I am very excited that it will allow me to create flash cards with images (pulls Closed Captioning script out of video files to be viewed as bulk text)

Quiet You Tube (removes clutter from around the video)

TubeChop (clips a segment of a YouTube and provides a link to it) (present juxtaposed content) (quick, easy webpages)

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