Indigo Dye & Shibori Workshop


Shibori- the Japanese dyeing tradition of tying, binding, and wrapping fabric to create pattern.
Indigo Dye- a dark blue dye that is extracted from the indigo plant through a process of fermentation.
Arashi- The Shibori technique of wrapping fabric around a pole
Itajime-The Shibori technique of folding fabric and clamping it
Kumo-The Shibori technique of wrapping objects in sections of cloth
Nui-The Shibori technique of stitching fabric
Oxidize- to chemically combine with oxygen
Resist-to withstand the effect of something (to block the dye from penetrating the fabric
Running Stitch- A basic stitch that is created by mobbing the needle over and under the fabric
Fermentation- the breakdown of an organic substance into simpler substances
Insoluble- cannot be dissolved

Historical Context NCAEA Session Presentation files



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