Sketchbook Ideas Set 6

Illustrate a famous saying/quotation
yourself in a specific mood, try to communicate that mood in any way possible
things with a flavor
your greatest fear
things that close
Illustrate “the way things were”
the world from the point of view of a frog/toad
your own game board
a “how to” poster
Draw yourself with wings
a comic strip with your own characters
your dream room
Design an advertisement for yourself
Design a new license plate for the State of your choice
Illustrate words such as up, upside down, apart, crazy, sane
Design new methods of transportation
Design an ad for your favorite music
Design a new map
Create an imaginary alphabet
things that come from eggs
Design a costume
old-fashioned puppets
Illustrate: If you were the tallest person in the world
a lost dog poster
the trail of an imaginary insect
What it would look like around you if you were the last person on earth

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