Sketchbook Ideas Set 5

yourself dressed in clothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s
your birthday wish list
an illuminated letter for your best friend
yourself in the style of your favorite artist
your “dream car”
a “fantasy” house
a bubble and all its whirly reflective surface
a close up and enlarged leaf
the sky
a mirror and all it reflects
A different reflective surface and all it reflects (such as a bumper, water, spoon, glasses)
your favorite animal with a human face
yourself as a robot
your favorite song
your favorite photgraph
favorite person (from life)
What Frankenstein Wears For Halloween
My Greatest Fear
Things That Float
Things With Wheels
a pet drawn from a photo
a pet drawn from life
A creature emerging from an egg
An egg yoke falling out of a cracked egg
Alien Bugs
At The Beach
My Dream Car
What I See Out My Bedroom Window
I Am Screaming
An Invention Of My Own
If I Lived In The Jungle
If I Ran The Zoo
When I Close My Eyes
A Bird’s Eye View
What My Dog Dreams
I’m A Famous Rock Star

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