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Go Animate: Provides props and actions to create animations.

Strip Generator: supplies you with a variety of sculky characters.  You can change the number of windows, add speech bubbles and captions.

TinkerBall: Explore spacial relationships. Think. Plan. Logic.

MugTug Sketchpad: Online paint program provides patterns, menus, unique paintbrush options (such a butterflies)

Mr. Picassohead: Provides you with pieces of Picasso’s artworks to create your own.

Destination Modern Art: Definitely for kids, but has some good info on modern artists.  Explore the museum and click the artworks. 3 Photo editing sites, including a collage maker, quick effects, text overs

Matisse Pieces: Provides you with pieces of Matisse’s artworks to create your own.  Pieces can be scaled, rearranged, color changed.

Architect School: Design a floor plan with Frank Lloyd Wright.

NGA Kids: Several Art Games on one site, Brushster, Collage Maker…

Phototropism: Create art that simulates artwork that reacts to light, choose shapes and materials.  Then, watch it react to simulated light.

Chicago Art Institute Kid Corner: a few games, try the sound match ups–they were my favorite.

Sumo Paint: work with funky automated brushes to create non-objective art Each font allows you to write and edit spacing, color, etc.  Some fonts allow more than others.  Save or Screenshot to save.

Easy Fractal Generator: Creates word graphics from pasted text or link.

LightBrights: simulates 1980’s LightBrights toy.

Viscosity Minimalist Art Maker: use push tools to manipulate color fields

Modrimat: follow the directions to create Mondrian style artwork.

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