Qualitative Rubric: Art Produced/Skill Level

Art Produced/Skill Level

Above Standard Student consistently chooses to challenge themselves. Artwork consistently shows exceptional craftsmanship. Student works out challenges with a material through practice.  Once mastered, student re-works the final piece so that what is seen in the work is refined skills.
At Standard Artwork consistently shows good craftsmanship. Finished work shows successfully implemented, art specific skills (such as accuracy of drawing, well planned compositions).  Student is consistently able to find a solution to artistic problems presented.  Solutions may be refining techniques or through work-arounds.  Finished artwork is resolved.
Approaching Standard Student work is resolved, but the student is not choosing to challenge themselves.  AND/OR

Finished artwork consistently shows the use of art specific skills.  The majority of work shows good craftsmanship.  Student shows continued improvements, but evidence of the challenges with materials/media/techniques are present in the finished work.  Work may be very successful in some aspects, but have unresolved weaknesses with no work-around (examples: addressed but unrefined backgrounds,  awkward   drawings that are not changed into a stylized version, a well-drawn image that with little thought to composition).

Below Standard Artwork does not successfully demonstrate art specific skills.   Work exhibits poor craftsmanship.  Work is unfinished or rushed to an unsuccessful solution.  Student does not challenge themselves.

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