Notes on Thinking Models

Doing a little leisure reading on thinking models and taking notes here…

“If you only have one framework for thinking about the world, then you’ll try to fit every problem you face into that framework. When your set of mental models is limited, so is your potential for finding a solution.” James Clear

Problem Solving Strategy: The Inversion Technique.
This is also a method for teaching drawing.  The idea of flipping the problem on its end.  What would a really bad teacher look like?  What would a failed sales plan look like? What are obvious indicators of terrible art?   And considering strategies based on the outcome of that brainstorm.

The 2 Minute Rule
If it can be done in 2 minutes–do it now.
If it can’t.  And you don’t have plans for the next moment, spend 2 minutes starting it now.  The idea being that like a ball that has begun rolling down a hill, [you] will continue toward your goal and make progress to some degree.

Elimination before Optimization
“There is no code faster than no code.” Kelvin Henney
“Being busy is a form of laziness — lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” Tim Ferris

The Eisenhower Box

25/5 Make a List of 25 Professional Goals and Circle 5
The 20 that you did not circle are going to be your top distractions, because you care about them.  BUT 25 is too many to accomplish, you lose focus.  Avoid those 20 like the plague.

Motion VS Action
Motion–planning healthy meals
Action–eating healthy meals

Motion–jotting down ideas for works that I want to create
Action–creating and publishing the books

This Guy has some interesting articles that might be good for students.

POOCH Model Problem Solving Chart

pooch is loaded with various models.  It is a little overwhelming to navigate their toolkit area and their own email request pops up like a bag of microwaved corn, but there are more models here for me to investigate in the future…when I have more patience for their website! lol.






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