Last Night I Dreamed…

Last night I dreamed I was eating at a Thai restaurant. They had beautiful intricately carved coasters of teapots stacked liked dirty dishes. I asked how much they were and they said they weren’t for sale. So I tried to smuggle them out of the restaurant. I was feeling so guilty–what if the coasters were a family heirloom? what if his grandmother brought them over when she immigrated to this country? What if they were his inspiration for starting the restaurant? What if I couldn’t come back to the restaurant again and all of the other Thai restaurants closed? I was going to try to smuggle them back, but the waiter noticed they were missing and started to come after me, so we all had to make a run for it. Me and a crowd of my comrades were being chased. We floored the gas, but they were catching up to us. They took pictures of the back of my car and I knew they would be able to find me because of all of my bumper stickers (not the license plate. lol). We were going so fast that when we darted down a side street to try to loose them a couple of the coasters flew out the passenger’s side window and the pursuers drove over them, crushing them into tiny chunks of wood. And then I woke up.

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