1. Create a “working headline” prior to going out. The working headline is a short phrase that explains the pending article—why is one making these photographs? What is the article about?   “Animals on Campus” might be an article about the barn and the animals.
  2. What do you already know or think you know about the subject?
  3. What questions do you have about the subject?  Try to think of 12…


  1. What kind of animals do we have?  
  2. Who takes care of the animals? 
  3. What about during the summer/vacation?
  4.  Do the animals get entered in the fair? 
  5. Do they belong to the school? 
  6. Are they purchased or donated? 
  7. Do they all eat the same kind of food?
  8. Do they ever have babies?
  9. Do they get eaten?
  10. Does the soap come from our goats milk?
  11. What does the name on the barn mean?
  12. How big is the fenced in area?
  13. Is it really electric?  Could it hurt the animal? Could it hurt me?

Who might be a good source?  Think of several people.

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