Culture Quest-Photos!

Set 1: Find these photos–look for unique images from “your country.”
Try to find images that you think reflect the culture of “your country.”

As you find your photos–caption them! 1-3 sentences is enough.  You are going to write captions based on what you learn about the country (so read where you gather).

  1. poverty
  2. wealth
  3. place of worship
  4. food/meal
  5. a holiday/celebration
  6. a concern-an image that represents something they worry about
  7. inside a classroom
  8. nature
  9. city
  10. advertisement

Set 2

  1. someone working
  2. a concert/musician
  3. a market place/where people shop
  4. the government
  5. a protest
  6. an animal
  7. weather
  8. something very old
  9. something new
  10. something weird/unusual

Set 3

  1. a sport or a game
  2. transportation (bus, train, rickshaw)
  3. public art
  4. a fashion statement

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