Assignment for Monday, Sept. 23rd Advanced Art

Continue to create an Art Alphabet book.  Remember that they should be THEMED–not random.  You can use Pixlr or hand drawn images….whichever you use, your images should be high quality–Not “thrown together junk.” Upload your progress to your blog before you leave today.


Start to create an Art Alphabet book.

Use Advanced to help you create pages.
You will create 1 page at a time.  You do not have to complete the whole alphabet today.
*Use the paint tools to design an artistic alphabet.  Be sure to add “more” brushes!
*You might try to model your letters after different styles: Minimalism, Abstract, Surreal…
*You can theme your book about art in general or some aspect of art…but you need a theme. 
*You can use photos of famous art work and artists off the internet, but you have to do something more with those images–integrate them in some interesting way.
*create rhymes and/or phrases to go with each letter
*Save each page you make as its own file…upload it to your blog as you soon as you finish it.
*You do not have to start with “A”
*You can draw things for your alphabet as well, then photograph them and add text online.
*You can use the internet for research and art images, but your final creation and writing must be your own.
*It does not have to be for kids (see Shel Silversein’s alphabet pages–not for kids)
*It might be funny/spoof.
A Good Resource:
Post what you create on your blog.

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