Sketchbook Ideas Set 3

A photo from another country
What Animals dream when they sleep
If I Could Fly
A detailed drawing cheeseburger with all the fixings.
a scene from a Video Game
a scene from A Garden
The Planet Zorb
Under The Big Top
The Biggest Ice Cream Sundae In The World
Things With Wings
A day in the Life Of A Bee
Deep, Deep In The Ocean
I’m Having A Bad Hair Day
Cakes, Cookies, And Pies in a bakery window
Clown School
Inside of a space ship
Look! I Found A Treasure Chest!
My Very Own Starry, Starry Night
An encounter with a Dragon
The Best Day Of My Life
Lions, & Tigers, & Bears Oh, My!
In A Crowded Elevator
A Kite Flying Contest
King Askobar And His Castle
Inside My Stomach After Lunch
The Tooth Fairy
Princess Peony And Her Pet Frog Herman
A Map Of My Neighborhood
A treasure map
a map of the school, with “real labels”
A Tree Is Home To Many Things
The Winner Of A Dog Show
A costume contest
Things We Use In Art Class
Alternative uses for things we use in Art Class
My Trip To Outer Space
If I Had Million Dollars
At The Elephant And Donkey’s Wedding
Introducing The Newest Pokemon
A Class Trip To The Park
A creativity Factory

Sources:  modified from lists found on…
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