Sketchbook Ideas Set 1

Draw the inside of your closet
Draw the contents of your desk drawer
Just before your room is cleaned, draw it
Inside of your refrigerator
Inside your garage
Draw your dad’s work table
Before the dishes are washed, draw them
a pile of laundry waiting to get washed
yourself in a mirror
your brother/sister doing an activity, such as playing video games
your friend, or an enemy
yourself your toenails
your hand holding an object that is important to you.
your bird, cat, dog, fish, snake, leopard, lobster doing something strange
what is in the rear-view mirror of your car
a dead bird in a beautiful landscape
a flower growing next to a turned over garbage can
raw chicken parts; cooked parts; after eaten parts
a piece of cake and make it look delicious
eggs in the shell, scrambled, then over easy
one popcorn kernel popping, draw an opened bag of popcorn
a raw steak, steak bones
moving water, still water
a clear glass full of ice cubes
an object when looking through a tube or a microscope
an object seen through glass (how does the glass make a difference)
something floating, like a boat or a beach ball
a dark object in a light environment
a light object in a dark environment
Lie on the floor, draw what is eye level
Dig a hole, put an object in the hole, then draw the object and the hole—pay attention to shadows.
Fill in the hole, partially cover up the object, draw it emerging from the ground.
Find a quiet place in a crowd, draw the crowd
Find a quiet place, draw the quiet
Find a noisy place, draw noise

source: modified from list at
sketchmindedblogspotcom (hyperlink removed)
mrspicassosartroomblogspotcom (hyperlink removed)

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