Qualitative Rubric: Time Management

Time Management

Above Standard Student is using all class time to maximum efficiency. Student is working independently outside of class.  Student is able to help others without getting behind or distracted. Student makes incremental progress on artwork throughout the entire project.  Student uses excess time gained on independent pursuits in art to better their skill level or portfolio.
At Standard All assignments are completed at high quality and on time.  Student makes incremental progress on artwork throughout, but may occasionally have to cram and rush through at the end.  Overall, student uses class time well.
Approaching Standard Student is behind on class assignments, but is working to get caught up.  Student may be missing an assignment, but intends to complete it and has shown increasing progress towards all assignments being successfully completed.

Suggestions: student should focus on time management strategies, such as setting goals for studio time each day.   It may help to have designated time at home each week for art classwork.  As little 30 minutes a couple nights a week and an hour and a half on the weekend can make a big difference.

Below Standard Student is behind on class assignments and is not putting forth necessary effort to complete assignments.  Student does not make effective use of class/studio time.

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